People usually say they get into movies because of classic masterpieces like Cinema Paradiso, or Vertigo, or Citizen Kane, and whatnot. For me, though, the earliest memories I’ve got about movies are probably ones related to Sleepless in Seattle (a masterpiece, if you ask me), Free Willy, or the flawless The Lion King. I grew up watching movies, loving them, and before I knew it, I started obsessing over them. This blog is where I put my obsession over movies into writing–something that I’ve enjoyed doing for years.

Watching movies is an incredibly personal experience for me. Everyone has got their own perceptions and opinions about movies, so the reviews that are posted here are my views–subjective views. Sometimes I also ask my buddy Karamel Kinema to write a review for me to post here, like she did for The Avengers.

Since I am a slave to laziness and procrastination, updates might not be regular. However, I try to do some regular sections, like the following:

Weekly Rants
Summaries of movie-related news that surfaces each week. Due to said laziness and procrastination, this section will no longer be updated.

Movie of the Month
Just putting a spotlight on movies I really like. Not necessarily new movies.

A collaborative effort with Karamel Kinema, where we review three movies that have the same theme. List of movies reviewed for this section is put here. And you can check out Karamel Kinema’s here.

I rarely review movies as they come out and often write about movies that are a few months or years old, and I also have a quite fanatical fondness for South Korean cinema. They really have got quite an impressive film industry there, you know.

Anyway, do yourself a favor and go watch a movie!

Jakarta, Indonesia


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      • Gotcha, well would be interested in knowing who you are, why you have such an affinity for Korean films, and what you look for when reviewing a film. No Kim Ki Duk or Park Chan Wook?

      • I personally think moviebuffs that don’t watch Korean films are seriously missing out. Their movie industry is one of the biggest, and surely the front runner in Asia, as simple as that. I don’t think the quality of Korean films are inferior to those from the US or Europe or anywhere, for that matter. Korean cinema is one of the best, most exciting, most varied there is, so.. Yeah. Not difficult to fall in love with Korean movies. Don’t you think so?

        Park Chan Wook is actually one of my absolute favorites. I did a review of Stoker, which was my Movie of the Month for April. As for Kim Ki Duk, I’ve only seen 3-Iron, not yet familiar with his works and I think his films are too.. Arthouse-ish for me. I did enjoy 3-Iron, though. Will watch his other films. Which ones do you recommend? And whose works do you usually enjoy?

        I don’t really know what I look for when I review a film ;p I guess I’m not that professional..? People who know me mostly think that I enjoy indie/arthouse films more than “mainstream” ones but that can’t be farther from the truth. Heck, I ADORE Avatar.

        Well that was a long response. ;p Again, thanks for visiting!

  1. I would love to hear your thoughts on the movie “time” (shigan) available on best drama. Another controversial one is “beautiful” and even more baffling is the new “pieta”. But “time” is one that I’ve watched and rue watched and every time I see it I change my opinion of the message. I personally think old boy (originally a Japanese movie) and sympathy for lady vengeance is genius.

    And yes, I think Korean film is cutting edge and ever pushing the boundaries. They love their plot twists and its somewhat become a cliche, but I think they are moving on from this routine.

    Look forward to reading future reviews!

    • I can’t find Beautiful on Kim’s filmography, is there another title for it? I’m a fan of Ha Jung Woo so I’ve been eyeing Time for a while, just haven’t gotten around to it. Will check it out for sure!

      Ah, who doesn’t love Oldboy? It really is Korea’s representative film and a flawless one at that. Lady Vengeance, though, is the only Vengeance film I haven’t seen. You like it better than Mr. Vengeance?

      As an Asian I really tip my hat to the Korean movie industry. IMO it’s the benchmark for all Asian cinemas.

      • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kim_Ki-duk#Filmography

        Lists it that he was writer and producer, but maybe not director I suppose. It’s on good drama. Lady Vengeance in my opinion is superior to Mr. Vengeance. Personally, I think he was still experimenting with his style and and pacing of story with Mr. Vengence. I’m glad to have an acquaintance who enjoys Korean movies! And I’m appreciative that you like mainstream as well as indie films. Seriously though, as a professional musician, Russell Crowe killed Le Mis for me. ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Ah so that’s why I couldn’t find it in his filmography. Well yeah I just love movies and I really hate people who think that anything indie is superior to everything major/mainstream. That’s just snobby and annoying.

        Oh musicals. That’s one of the genres that I can never really enjoy. Just not my cup of tea, I guess. But I did see Le Mis and lol Crowe’s singing was somewhat distracting indeed. Oh you’re a musician? What kind of music do you do? I’m actually a big fan of Korean indie! The Black Skirts is a personal favorite.

      • The one about the North Korean defector, right? A long time ago I got it but there weren’t proper subs, and I’ve sort of forgotten. Will look for it again!

        Oh btw I saw Shigan the other day! I really loved the idea (and the ending), but I gotta admit I liked Spring Summer Fall Winter and Spring Again more ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • I’m guessing you might be more attracted to visual landscapes/ambience where I’m more interested in complexity of story? What did you think abut the end? And that park is super creepy in real life!!!

        Yeah, the defector movie. Devastating.

      • Not about the landscape but more about its poeticism. I’m still in awe by how Kim can make such disturbing films and yet we can’t seem to take our eyes off of them! I did like Shigan a lot as well, that ending was superb!! Ending the film in a loop really emphasizes the theme even more, the last few scenes of the movie were actually my favorite. What different thoughts do you have each time you view it?

        Trying to get Crossing. Can’t wait to see it!

  2. Classical oboist. I’ll look into that group.

    Just didn’t understand the tree of life but you’ve convinced me to go back and retry it.

    • Oh cool! Not sure if you’ll enjoy The Black Skirts, but do give it a try. It’s actually a one-man-band by a guy named Bryan Cho.

      It’s completely understandable if people don’t understand Tree of Life. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And I don’t think ‘understand’ is the right word. I mean I’m not sure I understood it, but I loved it. Weird, I know. But please do rewatch it!

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