Weekly Rants: February 10 2013

The BAFTAs are handed out tonight and this page will be updated as soon as the winners are announced.

Last week some films got extra boost in the form of Super Bowl ads. Among them were World War Z and Fast & Furious 6. Gotta admit, I’ve never watched any of those numerous Fast & Furious movies but I’ll definitely watch this one even if it’s just because of my curiosity to see national hunk Joe Taslim in some Hollywood car action. Wonder how much screen time the dude is going to get. You can see the Fast & Furious 6 Super Bowl ad here.

Fast & Furious 6

There has just been a lot of casting news this week, almost nothing else other than casting casting casting. So, shall we begin?

Earlier last week it was reported that Ryan Gosling has included girlfriend Eva Mendes in his directorial debut How To Catch A Monster and now my girl Saoirse Ronan has joined the cast as well. Penned by Gosling, the film centers on a single mother of two, who is swept into a macabre and dark fantasy underworld while her teenage son discovers a secret road leading to an underwater town. It kind of reminds me of Gosling’s Dead Man’s Bones’ music in a way.. or maybe they’re really related? Production begins this spring in Detroit while Saoirse can soon be seen in The Host, coming out next month. [source]

Saoirse Ronan

Ralph Fiennes is once again going to star in an international spy thriller movie adaptation of a John le Carré novel. After 2005’s ridiculously underrated The Constant Gardener, now Fiennes has signed on to be in Le Carré’s Our Kind of Traitor, alongside Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen and Ewan McGregor. [source]

It looks like we’re going to see a lot of Nicholas Hoult—a blessing we should all be grateful for. Hoult’s Warm Bodies is currently doing good in theatres and next month we’ll be able to see Jack the Giant Slayer while next year will see the arrivals of Mad Max: Fury Road and X-Men: Days of Future Past. And now Hoult has joined the WWI love story Birdsong, adapted from Sebastian Faulks’ 1993 novel. Hoult will star as Stephen Wraysford, who is sent to France for work and gets involved in a scandalous relationship with an older woman before being shipped off to fight in the Great War. The film will be directed by Rupert Wyatt (The Rise of the Planet of the Apes). Moreover, Hoult is set to star in Young Ones, a thriller written and directed but Jack Paltrow (yes he’s Gwyneth’s brother). He stars alongside Michael Shannon and Elle Fanny in the sci-fi flick which has apparently started shooting a week ago in South Africa. [source, source]

Nicholas Hoult

Another actor who’s keeping himself busy is Colin Farrell. It seems like his name unexpectedly almost always comes up in Weekly Rants and this time you can see pictures of him on the set of Winter’s Tale, which also stars Jennifer Connelly and Matt Bomer. Colin is also confirmed to join Anthony Hopkins in Solace, a thriller about a retired, reclusive doctor (Hopkins) who is cajoled back into the public eye by an FBI agent to help catch a serial killer. [source, source]

Matt Bomer

One of the best looking, least known guys in Hollywood, Rodrigo Santoro, has joine Lynne Ramsay’s Jane’s Got A Gun. It’s a western directed by the woman who gave us We Need to Talk About Kevin and has already got Natalie Portman and Michael Fassbender in its roster. Yes of course we need to see this one. [source]

The Wachowskis will be back sooner than expected, and still in their glorious sci-fi genre, in the form of Jupiter Ascending. The story centers on a toilet-scrubbing Russian immigrant who actually has the same genetic makeup as the immortal Queen Of The Universe, and thus threatens her rule. A bounty hunter is then dispatched to take her down, but they fall in love and go on the run. The movie already has Channing Tatum, Mila Kunis and the lovely Eddie Redmayne and now Sean Bean has joined the cast. Although I still can’t quite see Tatum’s appeal, the premise sounds good and it’s exciting to see the siblings back in a more traditional stuff after Cloud Atlas. [source]

One of Tatum’s big movies, Magic Mike, is actually heading to Broadway. Director Steve Soderbergh, writer Reid Carolin and Tatum have been working on not only a sequel, but also a musical. And apparently there are going to be lap dances, ladies. Yes. Producer Gregory Jacobs said “Oh, you definitely might get a lap dance. Absolutely. That’s happening for sure.” So this whole musical thing might not be a bad idea after all. [source]

Magic Mike

Last Weekly Rants talked about Chef, a movie that Bradley Cooper is trying to get made. It was reported that Cooper was hoping his The Place Beyond the Pines director Derek Cianfrance would take the project but now Cianfrance has said that he’s not going to. I hope Cooper will continue his search and not abandon this project! Cooper is also busy getting American Sniper to start. The movie is based on the autobiography of ex-Navy SEAL Chris Kyle who was tragically shot to death on February 3rd. “I’m going to meet with the writers and producers today to talk about, number one what we can do for his family, and number two, how we can speed up the process and really try to make this movie,” Cooper said. “His story first of all really needs to be told, and it’s also relevant on two fronts: gun control and the need to address the many soldiers who are coming back with PTSD.” [source, source]

James Franco had been all over Sundance a few weeks ago, selling sex, but he has been attached to True Story—a movie Based on the memoir by journalist Michael Finkel—for quite some time. Brad Pitt is producing through his Plan B production house. Aside from Franco, Jonah Hill will also star and the latest to join the cast is Felicity Jones. [source]

A while ago I talked about Jay-Z working on the soundtrack for The Great Gatsby and how that was half disappointing, half exciting. And now Lana Del Rey is probably joining too. Nothing is confirmed yet but back in November the singer said that she was working on “a movie coming out in the summer that’s set in the 1920s and it’s been fun for [her] to write love songs for a woman who is the star”. Okay, now I’m really curious. The Great Gatsby will open on May 10th. [source]

Lana Del Rey

While we are still digesting the fact that there’s going to be an Episode VII, now there are even plans for spinoffs. Spinoffs. Disney said that possible spinoffs are being developed for young Han Solo, the bounty hunter Boba Fett and Yoda. I mean… people, slow down. [source]

The creators of Earth: The Movie have got a new BBC documentary titled One Life, which follows the spectrum of the human journey from birth until the “delivery of the next generation.” But this time it won’t be Sir David Attenborough narrating, but Mr. Bond himself—Daniel Craig. I’m a huge huge fan of Earth and the series preceding that, Planet Earth, and I’m sure going to see this one as well! [source]

Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac has been on our radars for quite some time. The film start Charlotte Gainsbourg in a two-part hardcore or softcore (there will be two versions) look at the sex life of a woman who recounts her tale to a bachelor (Stellan Skarsgård) who finds her badly beaten in an alley one evening. Two stills have been released and you can check the other (less racy) one here. The cast also includes Shia LaBeouf, Jamie Bell, Christian Slater, Connie Nielsen, Willem Dafoe and Uma Thurman. [source, source]


And there’s also a new still of Soderbergh’s Behind The Candelabra, which will premiere on HBO in May. [source]

Behind The Candelabra

Until next Sunday!

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