Senna (2010)

MOVIECUBE — OCTOBER 2013 — DOCUMENTARY There was something rather ominous at the third race of the Formula One 1994 season in Imola, Italy. Two days before the big day, during the first qualifying round, Brazilian Rubens Barrichello’s car hit the fence, went flying and somersaulted in the air, yet miraculously only left Barrichello with… Read More Senna (2010)

Win Win (2011)

MOVIECUBE — OCTOBER 2013 — ORIGINAL Small town attorney Mike Flaherty is having a hard time keeping his business afloat. Sharing an office with an equally worn-down accountant Vig, they curse at how much it will cost if they want to have their old, about-to-blow-up-anytime boiler fixed. However, both Mike and Vig have something they… Read More Win Win (2011)